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About Phuket Bird Park

The best way to experience the exotic wildlife and amazing flora of the Phuket Bird park is through the advance online booking of Phuket Bird park tickets. Giving access to the bird park and its scheduled programmes, the tickets let visitors explore the lush green landscape, cascading waterfalls and amazing species present inside the park.

The beautiful bird park is home to around 1000 birds belonging to about 100 different species. Some of these birds are local to the island while some of them have been shipped from different corners of the globe. Some of the species in the bird park are exotic birds like African crowned cranes, hornbills, ostriches, emus and Nicobar pigeons. The bird park lets guests interact with these birds up close and even has a feeding program where they can feed the birds from the palm of their hands. They also let photo op shoots to give the visitors a souvenir when they leave. In addition to these activities the guests can also enjoy the scheduled bird shows at the park. They are held around 3 times a day, the last one scheduled at 3:30 PM. Watch the birds cycling and calculating, red hawks preying on their food, and other amazing shows.

Highlights Of Phuket Bird Park

  • The Phuket Bird park tickets lets visitors access the amazing bird park that is home to around 100 different species of birds.
  • Guests can get up close with birds that are local to the continent or those shipped from around the globe.
  • If you are planning a visit to Phuket Bird Park, then there are daily scheduled shows that can be enjoyed by the guests under their Phuket Bird park tickets.
  • The opportunity of feeding the birds and getting clicked with them is available for all the visitors.
  • The amazing and lush green landscapes surrounding the birds are a treat to the eyes.
  • Guests get to see birds like hummingbirds, owls, macaws, hornbills, parrots, ostrich and many more.

About Phuket Bird Park Ticket

Admission Ticket:

The Phuket Bird park tickets are a great way to see one of the most visited tourist destinations in Phuket. The tickets allow admission to the visitors to the amazing bird park that has around 1000 different birds of around 100 different species. This bird park also has scheduled shows and the Phuket Bird park tickets are the best way to ensure a viewing of the show. Kids below the age of 3 are given entry free of charge, and kids from age 3-12 are charged separately at children ticket range. All kids above the age 12 are charged the same as adults.

Inclusion:- These Phuket Bird park tickets give the visitors access to the bird park and its various scheduled bird shows. - Explore the park and watch the exotic birds in their natural habitat. - Visitors get to enjoy feeding the birds during their trip to the bird park. - The visitors will even get to witness the birds doing mathematical calculations.

Know Before You Book Phuket Bird Park Tickets

Essential Information
How To Reach?

Location:หมู่ที่ 3 6/2 Chao Fah Tawan Tok Rd, Wichit, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000, ThailandTiming:The Phuket Bird Park is open daily from 1 PM to 5 PM, but the bird shows begin from 10:30 AM, and the Phuket Bird park tickets give access to the Bird park with the last entry at 4 PM. Best time to visit:The best time to visit the park and use the Phuket Bird Park tickets is during the early hours of the day. The weather is quite pleasant and guests get to enjoy all the outdoor activities without a lot of heat. Also, mornings are slow and less crowded on most days but especially on the weekdays

By Tuk Tuk: The Phuket Bird Park is nestled around 8.6 kilometers from the Phuket city. Guests can take the route 4201 as this is the best way. They can take the local transport like Tuk Tuk to reach the Bird Park.

By Car/ Cab: Since the bird park is away from the city, it might be hard to get a Tuk Tuk from the hotel or stay. So it’s better to hire a cab for the Bird Park or even better if the visitors have a car of their own to travel to the activity site.


Do we have to book in advance for Phuket Bird Park Tickets?

Even though visitors can book their Phuket Bird Park tickets at the venue right on the spot, it is best to book the tickets in advance and this will ensure that guests get admission for sure. In case of a crowded day or a full house, they can still enjoy the Bird Park. Also, you don’t have to stand in long queues at the ticket counter and can easily skip the line while entering the park.

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What is the minimum age required to book Phuket Bird Park Tickets?

There is no minimum age requirement for entry to the park. However, kids under the 3 are given free entry. The kids from age 3-12 are charged under the children tickets while the kids of age over 12 are charged as adults for their Phuket Bird Park tickets.

Are there shows inside Phuket Bird Park?

Yes there are amazing bird shows held regularly every day at the Phuket Bird Park. These interactive and amazing shows are held several times a day and run for around 30 minutes per show. Guests get to see owls, macaws, hornbills and other species perform near the top of the hill.

Can we feed the birds inside Phuket Bird Park?

The Phuket Bird Park Tickets include an interactive session of feeding the birds. This feeding program lets guests enjoy feeding the various species by their own hands. There are both local and international birds at the park for visitors to enjoy this program.

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What is special about Phuket Bird Park?

The Phuket Bird park is known for its amaz and extensive collection of both local and international bird species. Ranging from the smallest Hummingbirds to the largest bird Ostrich, the bird park has plenty of birds for visitors to interact with. The vibrant and grand fauna of the park is what attracts the visitors to this place. Any wildlife enthusiasts should definitely book the Phuket Bird park tickets when visiting Phuket.

Are there parking facilities available at Phuket Bird Park?

Yes there are parking facilities available at the Phuket Bird Park. Guests can easily access the parking area upon their visit.

How many species of birds are there inside Phuket Bird Park

There are around 100 species of birds to be explored with the Phuket Bird park tickets. Ranging from some local birds to birds shipped out of the continent, there are hummingbirds, parrots , hornbills, macaws and much more. The park also holds interactive activities for guests to get up close with the friendly bird species.

Are outside eatables allowed inside Phuket Bird Park?

Yes, guests can bring along snacks and water bottles for their trip to the Phuket Bird Park. They however should refrain from feeding the food to the birds without getting approval of a staff member on-site.

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