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The Phuket Bird park is an amazing attraction for families and wildlife lovers who are visiting the beautiful tourist destination. Nestled a few kilometers away from the main city, the bird park is home to various birds and houses a beautiful lush landscape. One of its kind bird parks in Phuket, this place attracts a lot of visitors and kids love getting up close with the vibrant colorful birds.

After you book Phuket Bird Park tickets, you will witness around 1000 birds representing over 100 different species live in the lovely bird park. Several of these birds are native to the island, while others have been brought in from all over the world. Exotic birds such as African crowned cranes, hornbills, ostriches, emus, and Nicobar pigeons can be found in the bird park. The bird park allows visitors to get up close and personal with the birds, including a feeding programme in which they can treat the birds right from their palms. They also allow picture shoots so that tourists can take home a souvenir.Visitors can enjoy this park's regular bird performances in addition to all these activities. These shows are scheduled thrice a day and guests are left in awe of the birds performing different activities. Cycling, calculating and hovering over their prey to show their flying skills are a few of the acts put up by various birds in these bird shows.

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Timing And Duration To Visit Phuket Bird Park
Best Time To Visit Phuket Bird Park
How To Get To Phuket Bird Park?
Timing And Duration To Visit Phuket Bird Park

TimingsThe Phuket Bird Park opening time is from 8 AM in the morning. The park is open to visitors till the evening around 5 PM. However, despite the Phuket bird park opening time slot,, the last entry to the visitors is provided by 4 PM. Guests who come later than that are not allowed to enter the bird park and they will have to reschedule for a different day. It is advisable to visit the park in the early opening hour. So that you can avoid the crowd.

Duration Of Your ExperienceIt takes around 30 minutes to explore the Phuket Bird park, all the birds and enjoy the interactive activities . Guests can get up close with the birds, indulge in the feeding program and also catch one of the scheduled 30 minute bird shows at this time.

What To Expect In Phuket Bird Park?

What To Expect In Phuket Bird Park?
  • Nestled amidst hills and lush green landscapes the park itself boasts a very stunning scenery. The park has cascading waterfalls, green surroundings and a lush landscape that stuns the visitors with its beauty.
  • The Phuket Bird park is home to around 100 amazing species. Some of the 1000 birds that live in this waterpark are local while others have been brought in from different parts of the world. Visitors will get a chance to interact with these vibrant and amazing birds during their visit.
  • Guests get a chance to take part in the feeding program, where they feed birds from the palms of their hands and pet them. They can also get clicked with these birds and take back the pictures as souvenirs.
  • There are scheduled bird shows at the top of the hill, where birds show their talents and skills. Guests can see them calculating, cycling and showing different skills fringe flying at this bird show.

Phuket Bird Park Visitor Tips

Phuket Bird Park Visitor Tips
  • Always keep your Phuket Bird park tickets with you through the visit.
  • It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and comfortable footwear. The weather will be tropical heat and humidity, amidst which guests will have to walk a lot in the bird park.
  • Since the activity is taking place during the day, it is best to wear sunscreen and cover yourself with a hat for extra sun protection.
  • Carry hand sanitizer and disinfectants, to clean your hands after playing with the birds.
  • Guests can carry along water blotters and snacks for the visit.
  • The visiting hours of Phuket bird park are till 5 PM. However, last entry is allowed till 3 PM and guests should reach the attraction before that.
  • It is best to carry an umbrella when visiting during the rainy season.
  • Guests who are wondering how to get to Phuket bird park should look for private cabs, taxis or get a tuk tuk to reach the destination.


What are the opening timings for Phuket Bird Park?

    The Phuket Bird park opening time is 8 AM in the morning and the park is open till early evening (5 PM). Guests can explore this beautiful bird park, meet the birds and enjoy the shows during their visit. Despite the visiting hours of Phuket bird park , the last entry is only till 4 PM and guests should reach the venue before to ensure their entry.

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